Hello my name is Rodney Cochran. I’ am currently a 4th year student studying at The Ohio State University. I’m majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in General Business. My career goals aren’t too specific at the moment. I Have experience working with several Non-Profit Organizations and I ultimately would like to work in the field of Public Relations after I graduate next school year.

I was born in raised in Mansfield, Ohio and growing up in a sports home, my love for sports began at a very young age. I’ve been a die-hard Ohio sports fan ever since I was young. I remember following teams such as the Browns, Cavaliers and Buckeyes as a young kid with dreams of one day playing in the NBA. Obviously I wasn’t able to quite obtain that goal but I did however, manage to fall in love with the game of basketball and more specifically, the NBA. 

This blog I will attempt to connect to my audience by creating an environment where we will all be able to share our thoughts and knowledge as it pertains to sports. Through this blog I will keep all of my followers inform on the latest news within the sports world.Even those my expertise strongly falls within the game of basketball, I will make sure try and cover as many sports as I possibly can. I want to keep this blog as broad as possible so that MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA and even Golf fans can feel connected and engaged. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions on the latest sports buzz, while hearing your’s as well!