When I sit down to watch ESPN’s sports center, I’m reminded of how much work it takes to be able to constant provide news stories regarding sports. Like any other company that places an emphasis on discovering and creating stories, ESPN writers must constantly communicate with teams, players and analysts and make a decision as to what type story do they believe the fans want to hear about. With so many resources to utilize out there, writers a left to come up with their own stories and must choose stories that they feel will be of interest to sports fans.
ESPN features sports analysts that cover every single sport that you can think of. However, I do tend to notice that they have all have a tendency to constantly report on big market teams. Let’s take the NBA for example. Unfortunately we live in a world were ESPN believes that everyone cares only about New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, etc. Seeing the fact that they have given each of one of these cities their own homepage on ESPN (it would be nice if Cleveland had one). I find it amazing that the Los Angeles Lakers who are in the middle of one of their worst seasons to date are gaining more publicity than a teams such as the Indiana Pacers or Memphis Grizzles who are currently in the middle of having one of their best seasons date. The same goes for the MLB, when no matter how bad the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox are doing, they will always gain seem to gain more attention than teams such as the Rockies, Twins and Indians.
I’ve noticed this trend for quite some time now. I understand that ESPN, like any other news source, works hard to provide stories to their fans. I just wish that ESPN would focus more of their efforts on equally reporting on both big market and small market teams. It makes for much more interesting stories and it allows us to hear about everything that is going on in the sports world without having to rely on websites such as RealGM.com to give us the inside scoop.