We all know that the last thing a university or any business for that matter want to deal with is a huge pr crisis. I was taking the time the other day to think about the worst public relations crisis that a University ever had to deal with. First schools that came to my mind were schools like Miami University and the University of Southern California athletic scandals to Ohio State’s tattoo scandal and of course the most recent and perhaps the worst of them all, Penn State’s sex scandal. While evaluating these scandals I would like to take the time to make note a few things to take away from these.

One thing that ever one of these scandals showcase is bad upper management in my opinion. Every single one of these incidents involved a hand full of people rather than the university at large. However one thing that is important to remember is that whenever a crisis within an organization occurs, it’s best to address the public as all these universities did in fact do. By taking the time to acknowledge the action and to take initiative to see to it that the organization is propelling forward is a must in my opinion. I felt in Penn State’s case, there was no real way to truly fix the issue; instead it’s best to simply do whatever is necessary to cover them up with good pr practices.

I think that even though these Universities have made mistakes, they took the proper routes towards solving the matter. It’s important in my opinion to not pretend that incident never occurred but instead it’s best to acknowledge your mistakes and to move forward from there. By being in transparent with the usage of social media and sending a consistent message, you come across as more genuine. This makes it easier for the public to forgive you and move on in my opinion.